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Art Credit || Graphic by: The Sasha

ღ Whoa. So this is kind of over my head, because I was never expecting this to ever happen. I remember two years ago, back when I first started rping, and how I may have possibly been the worst Tifa rper you’ve ever seen. But despite how many changes I’ve made to my Tifa, she’s become something beautiful and dazzling to my own eyes. So when I see so many of you deciding she’s something worth more than even I could ever imagine, it brings an abundance of happiness in my heart. 

I’ve met people on tumblr that have given me something important. The sort of friendships, philosophical discussions, and support by just saying hi that I’ve found can never be replaced. I wanted to take the time to say thank you, for giving me a chance and also for writing something beautiful with me. Here’s a follow forever for the special people that have gone through this with me.

S T A R L I G H T S || In my tags, starlight represents Tifa herself. The secret light found within the darkness. This is for those special few that have stuck through it with me till the end, spoken with me, or we had moments together. 

tactical-striker, spikyblond, pertinax-virtus, white-winged-warrior, ironmancandy, furyofbahamut, thecrimsoneyedturk, whitenightengale, ironfistdanny, gardenerangelofgaia, ask-minamoto-kun, kokoronokuraiyume, nibelheimsweetheart, elbokorojo, eternity-hero, eatthebread, neverendingstrife, sinsofvalentine

S U N L I G H T S || This one is a tag for Aerith. She represents the brilliant light found to shine beautiful everywhere it goes. This is to all the creative people I’ve interacted with that have shone some of that light onto me as well.

exnatura, sabazio, aeternuslunae, meteorfallcetra, reverse-gaia, lambencies, thekeybladehero, dellafine, steelhart, bourbonandmint, azul-tragedy, @hallothien, albhedgreen, alterflorum, darknessyetlightfoulmouthedmechanic, argentumexitius, taciturnxtactician

M O O N L I G H T S || This is the representation of Cloud. Moonlight is for those that I find great, even outstanding sort of writing from. But sometimes I don’t think they’re aware of it. This is for all of those amazing writers that should always be reminded how amazing they are. 

legatumvitae legacyofafallenhero, immortalguardian dxsolatemxmoir, aeternumvocantem, myhonormydreams, angelusnocems, whiteflxwers, thepxnkrxbbonedchxld

H O R I Z O N  H E A R T S || This is special to all the members of the group. You have all been incredibly kind to me and I can’t thank you enough for so much fun I’ve already been having. Here’s to each and every one of you!

radiatajack, fallenbarista, composingsongsofshibuya, mustfightemourges aetasomega, cinquey-sparkles, xxparagon, xrinoa, eternaale, soles-paradisus, burmeciandragon, pervolito, rose-warrior, purusanimi, shirubatoso, white-bird-in-a-cage, duelwielding, xisellsseashells, betheretobringyouback, noxiilarxene, prxcisely, thetaintedemotion, yukeishwisdom

ooc: Two years…. I still remember when you follow a new blog like me then I saw your plain tumblr theme when it was still a secondary blog… now I’m really glad we still get along ‘til now on. Thank you for placing me there, I won’t forget our friendship.


~* Final Fantasy Ladies *~

The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.



Aerith Icons



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[ Aerith RP Icons ]


[ I don’t claim credit for these. Sources found here, here, here, and here. You don’t have to like or reblog but it would be nice blah blah blah. ]

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Tracy Chevalier, Falling Angels

A Visit in Her Church


"If it was everything you needed to say, then it was okay." Angeal wasn’t sure really, what was okay. Relationships had been something that the dark haired spirit had never really excelled at in his life, much less so in death. But whatever the letter contained it would find its way, he hoped. What control he had on the wolf would have to be all he could use. After all, there was no other option. Yet Zack was alive, he could feel it. And somewhere out there the pup was waiting, ready to return home. He would do everything it took though, to find the youth, and bring these two home to each other. Even if he didn’t exactly know how he could do so.

Emerald eyes were moved back and forth to the spirit and the copy. A big hope was landed on the SOLDIER and a concern look was given to the metallic wolf. If this was all she could do then she had to let them go. A bit hard to release the wolf out, it had been used to her protector. And though Zack wasn’t there to visit, the wolf was there so she knew she wasn’t alone. She really doubted the degrading body enable to come back but if only Zack was brought in return, she’d pray for its sacrifice.


"We’ll meet again…"

Aerith’s speech was back to Angeal as she put sad smile. It was only a brief meeting but she expressed a new bond with him. Never been bonded with a spirit like this before, she really couldn’t describe these feelings but there’s a part of her believe that yes, they’d meet again.


{ A Hella Good Amount of Aerith RP Icons }


{ I don’t claim credit for these. Multiple sources found here. You don’t have to like or reblog but it would be nice. uwu. }

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"Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally"- a fanmix for Aerith Gainsborough

1. A Flower Blooming in the Slums- Takeharu Ishimoto


2. Holding On to Good- Delta Rae

And, yes, I still remember, but I am trying to begin. I met a new love and I’m growing into him. 

3. Aerith’s Theme [ACC Long Version]- Nobuo Uematsu


4. Arrietty’s Song- Cecile Corbel

[Translated from Japanese:] Under the sun and surrounded by flowers I want to spend the days with you. With these memories in my heart, I’ll live my own way in a new world.

5. Sundown- Nightwish


6. Dance in the Graveyards- Delta Rae

Oh my love, don’t cry when I’m gone. I’ll lift you up, the air in your lungs. And when you reach for me, we’ll dance in the darkness. 

7. Sho’s Lament [Instrumental Version 2]- Cecile Corbel


8. What the Water Gave Me- Florence + the Machine

But oh, my love, don’t forget me when I let the water take me. So lay me down. 

9. Canvas of Life [Acoustic]- Epica

I’m in the light of day, questions were answered. A new life’s arms are extending.